Why would you even watch TV without this $15 gadget?

Watching TV at places other than my own house always feels so disappointing now, because people never have the SPE Backlight LED Lighting Strip for HDTVsthat I have installed on my TV. This awesome, inexpensive little device plugs into the USB port on the back of your TV for power so that it turns on anytime your TV set powers on. When it does, it casts a gorgeous glow onto the wall behind your TV in any color you want. Trust me, once you try one you’ll never go back to watching TV without one.

Here’s more info from the product page:

  • ⚡ INCLUDES: 78-in, high quality LED strip light kit to provide bright accent lighting. USB bias lighting, 3M adhesive backing and USB for easy plug-in. For reference: TV in product image is 50”
  • ⚡ EASY TO USE: Just clean the back of your TV, secure your LED strip light, plug the TV backlight USB plug into the USB port, and you have a great TV light or monitor backlight. Cut the LED strip every 1 inches for the perfect fit. The TV light strip powers on and off with your TV’s USB port.
  • ⚡ CREATE A BEAUTIFUL VIEWING EXPERIENCE: With LED bias lighting, you create sharper images and color contrast while adding beautiful TV ambient lighting to your surroundings. The SPE Backlight for TV creates an environment that makes your friends and family want you to be the one to host viewing parties.
  • ⚡ REDUCE EYE STRAIN IN CHILDREN & ADULTS: With increasing screen time, eyestrain and headaches have become more and more common. Bias lights save your eyes and prevent unwanted headaches in both children and adults by reducing the contrast between the brightness of the TV and the surrounding room. This 78-inch TV backlight kit provides benefits with any TV size up to 60’’
  • ⚡ 12 Month Warranty – SPE products are all covered with an industry standard warranty on parts and replacements. Please reach out to our support email assistance.