Travel Republic targets daydreaming Brits with interactive holiday generator

Travel Republic targets daydreaming Brits with interactive holiday generator

Online travel agent Travel Republic has created an online interactive tool, The Holiday Generator, to help capture the attention of a nation of daydreaming Brits.

The tool, developed with Zazzle Media, asks users to take a short quiz around their holiday requirements and generates a personalised holiday experience based on their individual preference. Each destination is brought to life by capturing key travel information such as the best time of year to go, airport distances, the top tourist attractions and recommended stay durations.

The interactive experience is supported by research conducted by Travel Republic, which revealed 82% of bored Brits daydream for up to half of every working day, and almost half most often imagine about jetting off on holiday (46%). According to the research we are most likely to be found daydreaming at our desks at 11:20am, spending an average of three hours a day daydreaming and planning our next holiday.

The interactive tool helps daydreamers explore a range of potential destinations and narrow their search based on factors such as affordability and proximity to home.

Christian Poole, director at Travel Republic, said: “With Travel Republic’s breadth of choice, we know customers can create the perfect holiday to wherever their imagination takes them. Our Holiday Generator is a unique tool to help customers explore the world and identify their ideal destination.”

Travel Republic’s research into daydreaming involved an online survey, conducted by Atomik Research, among 2,001 adults aged 18+ living in the UK. The research fieldwork took place between the 17 December 2018 and 7 January 2019 with respondents selected to match nationally representative quotas.