Coronavirus: Manu Dibango buried Davido s fiancé infected

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The number of people infected with the coronavirus is reported to have dropped considerably in Tanzania. Magufuli stated that one of his sons had contracted the coronavirus, but had now recovered. John Magufuli thanked his people for their prayers, citing the names of cities where the number of cured patients had increased. While suggesting that the pandemic was nearing an end, he encouraged Tanzanians to turn to God. The last official update was on April It reported cases, including 16 deaths.

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The coronavirus epidemic continues to disrupt life across the world. The disruption is gathering steam in African countries that have recorded cases as compared to for example Italy where the entire country is almost in a lockdown. The impact on gatherings is an area that most African governments have moved to control. Kenya has barred public gatherings after recording its index case. Uganda and other countries are calling for less gatherings.

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