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Reduce or not to reduce the minimum age Penal in Brazil? The purpose of our study on the subject is very important, because the society's desire today is to receive from the State an effective response regarding the high crime rates in which all are inserted. Could the reduction of the penal age be regarded as a tool that would allow the promotion of an inhibition for the commission of infractions committed by young people and adolescents under 18? Is reducing the age of criminality the only means to be sought for the solution of the reduction of criminality practiced by juvenile offenders? In order to find answers that can give us parameters and guide the possible solutions, investigating how the reduction of the criminal age can be considered as a solution to inhibit the practice of criminal offenses practiced by young people and adolescents, we will approach in a brief and critical way in this theme, arguments the pros and cons of the Reduction of the Penal Majority in Brazilian society, the status of the child and the adolescent, the minor and the law. Our objective is to propose a reflection on the reduction of the penal age taking into account the favorable and unfavorable positions, considering that this problem is difficult to solve due to several factors and also the opinion of several sectors of our society, professionals of the legal, social and criminal area, among others, in the sense that the reduction of the criminal majority will have an awareness on the part of the young people about the penalization to be imputed to him, and consequently reducing the crimes committed by them. Com isso, explanaremos de forma breve e crítica um assunto atual e dinâmico que abre muitos vértices e possibilidades de abordagem. A lei 8. Segundo Saraivap.

O que é Maioridade civil:

The present article has the objective of discussing the criminal majority, it is increasingly common to speak of the participation of minors in the practice of conduct contrary to the law. This growing participation has generated several discussions in the juridical means and in the several layers of the society. This controversy revolves around the attempt to reduce the majority of the Brazilian Penal Code from 18 eighteen to 16 sixteen years of age. Keywords: Criminal majority, arguments against, arguments. Esta creciente participación viene generando varias discusiones en los medios jurídicos y en las diversas capas de la sociedad. Esta controversia gira en torno al intento de reducción de la mayoría de edad del Convenção Penal Brasileño de 18 dieciocho años para 16 dieciséis años de edad. Palabras clave: Responsabilidad penal, argumentos en contra, argumentos favorables, retrocesso. O indiviso é, pois, reconhecido como adulto cônscio das consequências individuais e coletivas dos seus atos e da responsabilidade válido embutidas nas suas ações.


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