Cabeau set to unveil “groundbreaking” new travel accessory

Cabeau set to unveil “groundbreaking” new travel accessory

Travel accessories specialist Cabeau will reveal a “groundbreaking” new product at the Summit of the Americas in Orlando next month (Booth 308).

The brand said the latest  addition to its portfolio “will change the way we think about travel”. More details will follow soon.

Cabeau launched its “revolutionary” Evolution S3 pillow last year and says it has a surprise in store for 2019.

Cabeau CEO and Founder David Sternlight said: “Cabeau has always strived to provide its valued customers with high-quality products to make travel better. Cabeau’s newest product will revolutionise the way we travel and will mark the beginning of a new era for the brand as we continue to focus on incorporating the latest technological advancements in our products.”

Cabeau will also showcase its Evolution S3 travel pillow, which was launched last year. The Evolution S3 takes its name from a seat strap system (S3) which attaches to the airline seat to keep the wearer’s head from falling forwards or sideways.

Other accessories to be featured at the Orlando event include the Evolution Classic, Evolution Cool, Evo Microbead and Air Evolution pillows, Fold ‘n Go Blanket, Midnight Magic Sleep Mask and Bamboo Compression Socks.