10 completely alternative ways to travel

Bored of those bang average journeys?

Want to have more fun just getting from A to B?

Look no further chums. From yachts to private jets, motorbikes to rickshaws – the choice is yours.

the yacht life

Fancy exploring Croatia, Greece, Turkey, Italy or the Caribbean by yacht, sailing from island to island with a fun bunch of people from all over the world? MedSailors has got it all covered.

The tour package includes 6 nights accommodation on board their exclusive yachts with breakfast and lunch included. Learn how to sail with the help of a fully qualified Skipper, and try paddleboarding and snorkelling until your heart’s content. Decent!

a fresh approach to river cruising

Sticking with the boat theme – why not cruise down the rivers of Germany, Austria, Slovakia, The Netherlands, and more, exploring European cities one by one in an experience tailored completely to you with U by Uniworld.

Don’t be fooled – this isn’t merely a river cruise but an action-packed adventure full to the brim with activities, culture, great food, and great people – all you’ve gotta do is stay on board and enjoy the ride. The clues in the titles with the type of people you’ll meet.

a cruise in the sky

The level up in luxury tour packages is finally here. Air Cruise Collection travel to exotic destinations on exclusive private jets with a tailor-made flight schedule and itinerary.

From short round trips to intercontinental voyages, this deluxe VIP service is not for the wallet shy. But it’s not always nice to see how the A-listers travel in style.

the airbnb for glamping

Sometimes natures call is too strong and it’s time to reach for the tenting gear.

Well, Pitch Up is where it’s at. The Airbnb for tenting holidays. Whether you’re a camper or a glamper, tipi or… yurter?, it’s the one-stop shop for finding the perfect pitch.

They have close to 3000 sites around the UK, Europe, and the Americas and not only that, but they’ll also help you with all the extras you’ll need – pubs, local bike info, walking routes, local events you can check out and more.

hop-on hop-off coaching

If you want a stress-free way to travel around Europe, Asia or North America, Busabout might be the key. An award-winning hop-on hop-off travel network that means you can literally create your own adventure across the globe however you fancy.

the rickshaw challenge

Looking for a slightly more haphazard way to travel in India or Sri Lanka?

Then we’d suggest getting yourself and couple of mates into the rickshaw challenge – branded with your design of choice, no less – and let loose on the most chaotic 2000km ride of your life where getting lost and breaking down a few times along the way is all part of the fun.

And what better way to start (and finish) your trip than a party of ‘earth-shattering proportions’. Oh yes.

rally across asia

The Mongol Rally is the motoring adventure to end all motoring adventures.

You’ll cover 10,000 miles across mountains, deserts, the steppe of Europe and Asia in a crappy little car you bought for less than the cost of a UK pint.

Not for the faint-hearted, of course – but if we were you, we’d accept the challenge.

motorbike the desert

And then there’s the newest string to The Adventurists’ bow – The Monkey Run Romania. Just you and a 50cc motorbike on the greatest roads in Europe. Prepare for a wild ride over demanding off-road terrain, come face to face with wild bears, conquer the Transfaragasan highway and drink Țuică and munch cabbage rolls along the way. Sign us up.

university jailbreak

If you’re at uni, a bit broke and you’d like to do some fundraising for charity, then Jailbreak might be your low-cost, spontaneous solution to getting somewhere exciting.

The name of the game is to get some teammates together and see how far you can get in 36 hours with zero cash, relying solely on the generosity and kindness of fellow humans – how hard can it be?

thumbs up

Which leads us onto hitchhiking! Officially the cheapest way to travel, just stick your thumb out and hope for the best.

Hitching is quite common in Europe and if luck is on your side (and you’ve got some witty signs up your sleeve to help you flag down those drivers) then you could cover some serious ground this way. Just remember to keep your wits about you and be safe!

By Amy Cecily Wilson